SPArty in Budapest

August 3, 2008

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gellert-baths-budapestWhat do you call a party at spa? A Sparty!  It sounds like a joke, but Budapest frequently has sparties.  There was one at the Szechenyi  Baths yesterday, which I missed. So today, I decided to check out the Gellert Baths across the bridge on the Buda side of town.

Glorious! It is indeed like swimming in a cathedral.  I swam in the indoor area (very cold!), before wandering around by the wave pool outside and laying out for a bit.  Then, I checked out the Turkish baths area, (which were almost boiling), among others who were all different shapes, sizes, and levels of prudity.  Welcome back to Europe.

After a relaxing afternoon, I walked back to the hostel, grabbing a cheap and yummy kebab on the way, and then headed over to my new hotel. This evening, I met up with the group I’ll be traveling with into the countryside of Romania. It’s a small group, about 12 of us, all 20-30s and then one older couple, and they’re all Aussies! So I guess I’ll be the only North American, as usual…

Oh and I had the best thing at dinner!  Cold, sour cherry soup, apparently a Hungarian staple in the summer months.