Drinking Bull’s Blood in Eger

August 4, 2008

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eger-hungaryThis morning, after a quick trip over to the Jewish Synagogue, we walked to the Budapest train station. After a short train ride, we arrived in Eger, Hungary. It’s the third most visited city in Hungary, with a lot of history. The downtown area has been revamped quite a bit and is a cute “village town” style, but quite touristy and sterile. The downtown area seems too cleaned up, with syrupy-charm, instead of Old World charm. After visting the castle (where they defended from the Turks in the 16th century), we walked to the Valley of the Beautiful Women for dinner and wine tasting. The Valley of the Beautiful Women is known for all the wine cellars and is a quick 20 minute walk from central Eger.  It’s most noteable for Bull’s Blood, a strong, red wine. Legend goes that the Hungarians drank the red wine when they were again, defending against the Turks. They were badly outnumbered, and when the Turks saw their red-stained beards, rumor had it that they were instead drinking bull’s blood for strength!

Overall, Eger was an interesting town. It was nice to see some of Hungary, outside of Budapest, but you definitely only need one day here.