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Spring [Gardening] Fever

April 1, 2009

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Like a lot of Oregonians, I’ve had gardening on the mind lately.  As Michelle Obama is busy  reviving the victory garden, I’ve decided to share a guest post by my favorite gardener.  While she’s not a professional gardener, or the First Lady, her thumb is quite a few shades greener than mine.


The weather has me thinking about (flower) gardening. I’ve been musing over the Better Homes and Garden’s gardening plans all winter and have narrowed it down to two plans since I tend to get a little carried away. I love how BHG.com has the plans in PDF form (and I’ve saved them all in case they get interactive on us).

Here are my two choices:

Easy-Care Cottage Garden
Combines nostalgic plants with easy-care gardening. I’m opting for just the Nasturtiums and Osteospermums since the brick planter box is only two feet by 12 feet.


Mailbox Garden
Tough plants for the harsh growing conditions surrounding a street-side mailbox. I might be biting off a little too much with this one…but it’s so pretty! I’d love to have this by my mailbox. The plan looks like a lot of work but there’s a good chance the plants will survive since they are “sturdy” and “drought/heat tolerant.” The plan is for an 11 by 15 foot section but I may take out a few plants in the back row to shrink it down a bit.