Sydney Highlights

April 1, 2008

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I spent 3 days in Sydney before heading back up the coast for my surf trip. Here are my favorite things about Sydney:

  • Walking over the Harbour Bridge. Sydney is such a gorgeous port city. The view from the bridge was great. However, the Sydney Opera House looks bigger on TV. ;)
  • Circular Quay (pronounced ‘key’) and the harbour ferries.
  • The Sydney Opera House at night. The Opera House bar, which is right on the harbor, is open to the public and great for people watching and views of the harbour front.
  • Exploring The Rocks neighborhood at night and grabbing a drink (and a bite of kangaroo pizza!) at one the oldest cafes in Sydney.
  • Spontaneous fireworks over the Opera House (no one knew what the occasion was).
  • Sydney shopping. After traveling and wearing the same clothes for a month, it’s nice to feel girly again! I bought nail polish, splurged on Body Shop Honey Shampoo and Conditioner and bought a new tank top.
  • Darling Harbour restaurants and park.
  • Sydney Public Transport is so easy to use. I bought the Daytripper travel pass one day and used it for the bus, train and ferries.
  • The Toronga Zoo is quite possibly the coolest zoo ever. Finally, I get to see all the Aussie animals I haven’t seen in the wild. I saw dingos, kangaroo, and koalas.
  • I caught the ferry to Manly Beach, had lunch and found the perfect black Billabong bikini and boardies.
  • Trying to stifle the comment, “The dingo stole my baby!”

I was expecting Sydney to be much more expensive, but it’s actually not that hard to budget travel in Sydney. My hostel was $22, and if you stay in a more central location (like the CBD) you can walk everywhere, which cuts down on transportation costs.