Telegondola? Telegondola?

August 14, 2008

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telegondola-sinaia-romaniaAfter a leisurely breakfast in Sinaia, we headed for the top of the mountain. The plan was to take the second gondola up from town, and hike around.  As we followed signs to the “telegondola”  we ended up walking half way up the mountain, through little backstreets and neighborhoods. It was boiling outside, but still a good time.  Today was one of those days that no amount of hand motions, pointing or facial expressions was going to get the right information out of the Romanians we encountered.  One old lady kept saying “telegondola, telegondola” and pointing at the mountain, to which I wanted to reply that “yes, we’ve gotten that far, but how much farther on foot” so after a few attempts I realized that I wasn’t going to get another response, and we kept walking.  After a couple of hours we reached the telegondola station and took it up to the 1/2 way point on the mountain.  We took a break and got drinks and sat at the picnic tables looking back down the mountain at Sinaia.  I decided not to take the second gondola up the final part of the mountain, because it just didn’t seem worth it, and I was tired of wandering around.  So much for my grand hiking scheme today!  I would love to come back to Sinaia in winter.