The Almost No Good, Very Bad Day

February 20, 2009

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The journey back to Las Horquetas from Rara Avis, was not as pleasant as the trip up.  It rained all night and poured all day.  A few of us opted to hike out to El Plastico and then get on the tractor there.  Since we were hiking in the rainforest, we ended up staying dryer than everyone on the tractor!  However, since we were the last on the trailer, I had an end seat, which was like sitting in the shower with a raincoat on for 2 hours.  I was glad to be out of the rain when we arrived, but then fairly upset when I discovered that my daypack had been in a leaky garbage bag. Thankfully, my ipod and camera are ok, while everything else is ring-out soaked.  After digging into our backpacks and changing into random dry clothes, we headed to La Fortuna.  I slept most of the way there and was in much better spirits by the time we arrived.

La Fortuna is like the Queenstown (adventure capital of New Zealand) of Costa Rica! After a hot shower and dry clothes, we walked to one of the local adventure booking offices.  After the painful elimination process of deciding what tours I would do in the 2 and half days here, I decided to…  just do it all!  It’s much easier this way, and while it’s not the cheapest decision, it’s still way cheaper than the equivalent in New Zealand.

After a quick dinner, we went to one of the area hot springs, which was actually in some kind of resort/spa.  After a few minutes soaking in the steaming hot pools it was hard to imagine that we’d been bumping around on a tractor all morning, in the rain! A brilliant evening to a long day.