The Curtain Tieback & Pendant Lamp Dilemma

January 16, 2010

curtains-ikeaSo I finally got my living room curtains up last weekend. I had a slight change of plans after making about 12 trial holes in the wall. And after trying a concrete drill bit, I came to the realization that getting anchors into that part of the wall was a no-go. ‘A’ for effort, right? Nothing a little bit of drywall mud can’t fix. :P  So I decided to hang the curtain rod closer to the ceiling on the drop-out box thing. It cuts about 6″ off the living room, when the curtains are closed, but I think it looks pretty cool since it covers the entire wall. Now I just need curtain tie-backs. I found a few in the Urban Outfitters clearance section, so help me out!

curtain-tieback-bird curtain-tieback-key curtain-tieback-daisy Which ones should I get? The bird, the key or the daisy? They all match the wrought-iron look of the curtain rod, but I’m leaning toward the key…

Dilemma #2 (*giggle*): I want to hang a pendent lamp in the corner (between the TV and the window). I still love the IKEA KNAPPA hanging pendant lamp (yes, the one that’s pictured in about 200 home tours on Apartment Therapy), but I also like the West Elm Capiz hanging pendant knock-off that World Market has (for $70 vs $259). So dear Internetz, which pendant lamp would look better in my living room?

capiz-hanging-pendant-lamp ikea-knappa-pendant-lamp

  • KT
    January 18, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    The key seems to fit your travel / old world theme. What is the pattern in the middle of the curtain? If it’s floral, the flower tieback would be good. But, personally, I’m a sucker for birds!

    For the lamps, the coloring of the capiz shells seems to go with your theme. The IKEA one seems too mod. But even with the capiz one, it depends on where it will hang and how high – middle of the room would be best?

  • sajda
    January 17, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    may i (as an interiorista married to a real interior designer – which gives me some clout, I hope?) suggest that you go with the bird tie-backs as it then goes with your world map/travel thing happening in the room. I really think that our minds make subconscious links (harmonizing links) via the visual cues we take in – so bird, flight, travel, world etc can result in a cohesive look.

    As for the pendant lamp, i agree the Ikea lamp is a bit overdone…if it’s between the two, i would choose the other one or search for something else…?

    btw, i love, love your 101 things project :)