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Things I Wouldn’t Refuse [Stuff I Want]

December 9, 2010

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Christmas time! :)  I can’t believe it’s already December. A few things I would like to do before January: visit the pop-up shops downtown with my bff, go snowshoeing, bake something amazing, make chocolate mint divinity again, undetermined crafty project, make homemade eggnog, take a cooking class at Sur la Table (or maybe in January?), go to the coast, make rummy apple cider, play board games…

In other news, I’m supposed to let mi familia know what I want for Christmas, so here are a few things I wouldn’t refuse. ;) and a few wishful thinking items. :)

#1. Marvelous Merino Legwarmers from Lululemon $34

The purpose of these lovely leg warmers? To be able to wear all your yoga capris/shorts to the gym without freezing your legs off. Yay for doing less laundry of my 1 pair of full-length yoga pants.

#2. D3 bicycle by PUBLIC $690

Yep, still lusting after this DELICIOUS orange bike. Le sigh…

#3. Leaf Tie by LufDesign $7

These are cool. Period.

#4. ASCII heart necklace by Sternlab $150

I found this necklace on Etsy last year, and still find it super adorable and wishlist-able.

#5. Kaldi Arctic hat from 66°North $84

Regret. Reeeegret. OK, I almost bought this hat in Iceland, and then was like “No, it’s too expensive, and I’ll only wear it when it’s really cold, and, and, and…” Still like it.

#6. Enchanted Woods iPhone Dock from Anthropologie $98

How cute is this? My kitteh might eat all $98 of it’s cuteness, but I still want it.

#7. Zigzag Rug – Iron/Ivory/Fez from West Elm $39

2×3 for my kitchen or front door. Chevrons!
To be continued…

What’s on your wishlist?