What Happens In Barrytown, Stays In Barrytown

April 12, 2008

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I seem to be staying one day ahead of the weather. It was raining this morning as we pulled out of Abel Tasman park. The plan was to drive all day, down the west coast, stopping for a few cool hikes. But the bus got a flat tire! So after sitting on the side of the road for half an hour, while our driver realized he couldn’t change the tire, we decided to drive to the nearest town. However, since he left the radio going, the battery was drained. So we did a good ol’ fashioned push start. It was quite hilarious. We finally made it to the next town (it was a very loud trip) and while the tire was getting fixed we had lunch. We finally got back on the road and only made one hiking stop before arriving in Barrytown. Barrytown is not a real town, it’s a pub hotel, and… well that’s all. The bus stops there instead of Greymouth. So the premise of “Barrytown” is that if enough people dress up (yes, they have boxes and boxes of dress up clothes), then they extend happy hour until midnight. So for some reason this translated as cross-dressing for all the guys, go figure. It ended up being a hilarious night, lots of laughs, but I think quite a few people on our bus were happy that what happens in Barrytown, stays in Barrytown.