You Had Me At Hello Kitty

March 6, 2008

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Japan, I love you. Seriously though, after the initial shock of just being back in a developed country, I fell in love with Japan all over again. It’s truly amazing, it’s clean, orderly, polite, and let me tell you about the symmetry and design and presentation. That’s probably the biggest difference for all things Japan and all things NOT Japan. Japan is all about presentation, which for a graphics person, is sensory overload. God, I love Japan. After a six hour walk through Osaka, I’m totally taken with this country.

PS. The toilets are even high-tech. The toilet seats are heated, yes, heated, and there are lots of funny buttons to press. Check out the picture. I had no idea the Japanese had such a toilet fetish.

  • Sande
    November 10, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    Hi Tofu,
    I’m off to Japan in March on the 9-day express tour with Intrepid. I’m in Tokyo for 2 days (during which I plan on attending the Tsukiji fish market, Metro Bld, Ghibli Museum and The International Anime Fair – that’s an afternoon gone in itself) we’re staying in Ueno.
    Then we head to Nikko for 3 days, Hakone for 2 days and Kyoto for 2 days.
    Can you recommend any activities/restaurants to make a point of going to? I know I clearly don’t really have a lot of time in each place and am seriously considering changing my return flight to OZ to a few days later so I can do a few more in Kyoto and Tokyo…
    Thoughts? Recommendations? General rantings???
    I’d appreciate them all!
    Cheers :o)

    • poweredbytofu
      November 11, 2011 at 12:03 am

      Hi Sande, that’s tough! You could spend an eternity exploring Tokyo, but if you’re into Studio Ghibli movies it’s def not to be missed. That takes about 1/2 day itself because it’s a ways from central Tokyo (but i loved it). Here are some of my favorites of Tokyo: but most of all don’t rush too much. It’s an amazing city to wander in (amongst the rush). If I did it again, I would skip Hakone. (I didn’t go to Nikko, but my sister did and they loved it). If it’s not super expensive to change your return flight I’d totally recommend staying a bit longer, maybe heading down to Osaka/Hiroshima area too. :) Cheers! Olivia