You say ‘Sydney’, I say ‘Air – Moon Safari’…

November 3, 2011

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Prompt #3: Music and travel memories often go hand in hand. A song can inspire our explorations, or it can take us back to a specific place and time. Tell us about your travel playlist and what it means to you.

“Music is what feelings sound like.” –Somebody

I often find myself listening to an album on repeat while traveling. So whenever I hear Manu Chao’s La Radiolina I’m taken straight back to Panama (and my first solo trip). Flaming Lips and I’m on the bullet train in Japan, Sigur Ros or Silverchair I’m on a long bus ride somewhere in Morocco, Air’s Moon Safari and I’m in Australia (I had the chance to see Air at the Opera House in Sydney on my RTW trip – which was “super surreal and amazing” according to Olivia of 2008), Eel’s Shootenanny! and I’m in Turkey, REM and I’m in Athens (they did a free concert while I was there, for the launch of MTV Greece), Velvet Underground and Wilco is Romania & Bulgaria, and Beach House takes me to Iceland.

It’s amazing how much your different senses can transport you to a distant travel memory – whether it’s sound, scent or taste. So here’s Air’s Remember from their 2008 show in Sydney that always leaves me grinning.

Have you seen any shows while traveling?

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