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11 Awesome Bike Prints from the Flatstock Poster Show

September 24, 2011

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Flatstock Poster Show is one of my favorite things about attending Bumbershoot in Seattle. I return home with dozens of pictures, a few business cards of my favorite designers, and usually just one print — this year, it was the Weapons of Mass Creation print.

Bikes are always a trendy theme at Flatstock, even more apparent after looking at all of my pictures last week. So here are my favorite bike prints from Flatstock designers. And if you’re in Portland or San Francisco, remember to check out ARTCRANK (a poster party for bike people) in October. I can’t wait!

1. The Sellwood series – Joy Ride by Dan Stiles

2. Unchain yourself by DKNG

3. Double bike by DKNG. They have this one as a free desktop download. Cute!

4. fishtucanopus by Nate Duval

5. Squirrel Critter print by GigArt

6. Joan of Arc by Land Land

7. Cycling Related Accidents and Corresponding Injuries by Lil Tuffy

8. Portland City Print by GigArt

9. Night Ride by The Bungaloo

10. Taco Cat Rides at Midnight by Two Rabbits Studios

11. The one I don’t remember! by ??? (any ideas?)

Any favorites?