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156 New Portland Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops in 299 Days

March 6, 2011

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Hey remember that time I said I was going to try and go to more restaurants around Portland, instead of just the same ones over and over again? Well, I did that, twice, and I have to say, after you start focusing on trying new places, it’s harder to go back to favorites because there’s always something new around the corner. A good problem to have in Portland. So now that I’ve been to 156 new restaurants, bars, coffee shops in the last 10-ish months, here’s my third installment of “Go To 52 New Restaurants!”

  1. Secret Society – I’d been wanting to go here for ages! Ended up watching a blue grass band, snazzy dancers, and drinking a Moscow Mule while waiting for a spot next door at Toro Bravo.
  2. Toro Bravo – and there were rumors… ok I tried the fois gras (tasty!) and the bacon-wrapped dates (meh, I’ll take the dates, hold the bacon, hopefully I don’t get assassinated on the streets of this porkelicious city). Spanish tortilla was excellent. Loved it all.
  3. Laurelthirst Public House
  4. Beulahland – oh look, another Portland dive bar.
  5. Thai PK – mediocre Thai food in SW
  6. Floyd’s Coffee – good coffee shop to work from
  7. Heart Coffee – <3 a recent fav, I’ll be the mayor yet!
  8. Tasty N Sons – tapas for breakfast? yeah, it’s kinda like that. I was a little nervous that I would feel anxious while I was eating, since a lot of the items are for sharing, but I did A-OK. Heard the wait has gotten a little out of hand, lately, but will definitely be back.
  9. Laurelhurst Theater & Pub – wine + old movies = fun
  10. Santa Fe Taqueria – I had a Groupon to here. It was a 3.5 star on Yelp when I bought the Groupon (my minimum for buying). I won’t be back.
  11. Living Room Theatre – Living Room is one of those places for me that I pass on a regular basis and always meant to stop in, so I finally did — on a cheap Tuesday — and it was again, a fun movie/wine spot.
  12. Little Big Burger – I love that Little Big Burger opened in this spot. It’s hard to find anywhere cheap to eat (or even open) in the evenings in the Powell’s Books neighborhood.
  13. Crema Bakery & Cafe – love! Too crowded on weekends, but understandably so.
  14. Olive or Twist – cool little spot in NW
  15. Slabtown – Portland’s dive-iest dive bar? Perhaps.
  16. Bailey’s Taproom – Seems like a cool place, but for some reason the atmosphere just hit me wrong. I’d give it another shot though.
  17. Violetta – I love that Director’s Park has this. I’ll be back in the summer.
  18. The Woods
  19. Bakery Bar – like!
  20. APEX – cool little place beside my fav, Taqueria Los Gorditos
  21. Taqueria Los Gorditos (new location, not truck) – love the soy rizo veggie burrito
  22. Mississippi Pizza & Pub – I got pizza and beer, surprised?
  23. Meat Cheese Bread – Love the name, brekkie burritos not too substantial, but their sandwiches are mighty fine.
  24. Gruner – happy hour! I had the Gruyer grilled cheese, pumpkin seeds (nom), and a few other tasty things that were clearly so tasty that I don’t remember what they were. Very cool spot though, will be back.
  25. Flavourspot – Finally used my Groupon to here, which they were super cool about extending into January, when I contacted them on The Twitter. Tasty waffly goodness with Morningstar Farms veggie sausage and syrup.
  26. Bunk Sandwiches – I got the Tillamook grilled cheese & tomato soup. Don’t make the same mistake. I mistakenly thought I would be getting fancy bread, nope, plain white. Error noted. Bunk Bar has the roasted squash with Gruyere & arugula sandwich, which is stellar!
  27. Spirit of ’77 – I LOVE this place. First went to watch Portlandia on the big screen, since I’m sans TV, and then ended up watching the Super Bowl here too. It’s like a sports bar for people who don’t like sports bars.
  28. Hungry Tiger Too – saw Guantanamo Baywatch here and had drinks, so I have no idea what their food is like.
  29. Autentica – this place has such good reviews! Sadly, I wasn’t impressed. Maybe I would like it better in summer? Overall, it was way to spendy for what I got. And I like to save my splurge meals for restaurants that leave me super happy.
  30. Asia Express (foodcart)
  31. Biwa – one of my new favorite places! The udon is tasty and the Sapporo spritzer is like a shandy that I can’t wait to sit outside and drink in the summer. And I love how close it is to the Doug Fir Lounge!
  32. Thatch Tiki Bar
  33. Red Room
  34. Sweatpea Baking Company – it’s vegan. Them: “Is soymilk ok?” Me: “Uhhh… isn’t that the only option?” Them: “Yes”.
  35. Miss Delta – loved the veggie options here. It’s hard to find restaurants that do both “comfort food” and vegetarian well.
  36. Liberty Glass – I’m in your house, drinking yo drinks. Or something like that.
  37. DC Vegetarian (food cart) – my new favorite lunch spot. Veggie bacon cheeseburger with cheddar and avocado, please!
  38. Produce Row Cafe – I like.
  39. Genie’s Cafe – long wait, but still a tasty breakfast.
  40. The Matador – tachos! My first encounter with the tater tot nachos. Yes!
  41. Jam – An ode to Jam. I love this place. Went 2 weekends in a row, kind of my new fav brekkie spot.
  42. Wonder Ballroom – I won tickets to the Gang of Four show from the lovely Monqui on The Twitter. Fun times.
  43. Upright Brewing – not a good place to spend a sunny day, but a really cool little brewery nonetheless.
  44. Holecene – happy hour with free popcorn? I’m there.
  45. Zell’s Cafe – rhubarb is one of my favorite things. Zell’s has rhubarb. My only complaint is the coffee mugs are clear and lightweight. I’m finicky with my coffee mugs, I like them solid.
  46. Osburn’s Espresso – Cannon Beach, Oregon
  47. Oui Presse – Cute little minimalist space. Would be nice if the cool magazine selection was browse-able while drinking coffee, but there’s always the Willamette Week & Mercury to read for freeees.
  48. Bunk Bar – Good decision: the squash sammich.
  49. Oaks Park Skating Rink – $2 nachos that took me back to 1993. Yes, my first time at Oaks Park, thanks to those clever Google Hotpot folks, who hosted a free rollerskating show with The Thermals! Very fun.
  50. Whiskey Soda Lounge – While I’ve been in here before, our table was ready over at Pok Pok so fast that it didn’t count! Came to snag tickets to the Dandy’s, which I didn’t get, and stayed for a drink — was disappointed that young coconut drink was in a can instead of the real thing. Hey Andy Ricker: Fubon is only 2.9 miles in an easterly direction. :)
  51. Fenouil – happy prices during happy hour: 50% off! Score! I had the cheese plate and caramelized onion tart with whipped Brie. Tasty! If you’re a meat eater, I’d suggest the burger though. GIANT for $5.
  52. Sizzle Pie – new-ish pizza place on East Burnside. Open late. Cheap. Tasty. The End.

What new restaurants have you checked out lately?

  • 101 Things Before I Die
    March 6, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    I actually do tend to go to the same restaurants over and over which is a pity because there ARE a number of good ones in Raleigh. I went to cajun themed one this week called The Big Easy; my gumbo was ok. I may go back and try something else, just to give them another chance. Anything that offers alligator should be given a second chance.