#17: Do Yoga For A Month

July 28, 2008

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Since I got home in June, I re-activated my 24 Hour Fitness membership. Hey, unemployed people have to have something to do during the day! I’d tried their yoga classes before, but as an employed individual, it wasn’t convenient to drive into Portland for yoga, since I already went to spin class twice a week. So I’ve been joining my sister during her lunch break, for Monday yoga. It doesn’t seem to be getting any easier, but I’m starting to remember some of it and can now differentiate “downward dog” and “sun salutation.” However, I’m still having trouble with giggling. I have a really hard time keeping quiet when they start the yoga talk, “reach down and harness that power at the base of your spine, pushing it up through your lungs and mouth and now breath like a dragon.” Hmmm… I’ll have to work on that one.