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My 2015 Goals

January 1, 2015

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Happy New Year from Portland!

After my annual review of the closing year, here’s what I’m hoping to work on for 2015…

My 2015 Goals:

-Try a capsule wardrobe for one month or a quarter
-Launch the iPhone app that I started designing in 2014
-Have flowers in the house [every other] weekly
-Keep my health a top priority
-Pick a monthly fitness challenge (was a great way to mix things up last year!)
-Do another Cook at Home month challenge
-Spend more time in nature (and less time drinking IPA) on the weekends
-Visit a new country
-the rest of my goals are a secret! Shhhhh!!!

Plus, a few apps that I’ve found helpful lately in the planning/tracking department are Nudge (health – water, veggies, sleep, exercise etc.) and Way of Life (pick 3 habits and check yes or no if completed each day).

What’s on your list for 2015?

If you haven’t done a year-end review yet, or want a template to help plan for 2015, check out my free 2015 goals template here. Happy New Year!