#32: Use Public Transportation For 1 Week

December 3, 2008

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After traveling for nine months, public transport is now the norm for me. My favorite cities for public transit are more modern and touristy: Tokyo, Madrid and Barcelona. However, my most memorable experiences with public transport are in Morocco. Nowhere else have I seen sheep put in the luggage compartments and the suitcases on top of the bus in Chefchaouen; held a baby for several hours while her mother stood in the aisle, refusing to take our seats on the way to Meknes; and chatted with a modern Muslim girl about university and how to pronounce certain Arabic words on a train to Rabat. Taking local transport gives you a chance to interact with locals while traveling in a foreign country. Occasionally it might be uncomfortable and crowded, but usually you’ll come away with some good stories and a few new words!