Apartment Therapy Week 5 – The Office

April 13, 2010

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In search of desk and a job.Luckily, I don’t have an office. I simply have a stack of 2 boxes sitting in the corner by my table. Anyway, I’ll be doing week 5 of the cure remotely… from Mexico. :) My first time out of the US since the grand adventure.

Week 5 To Do List:

  • Take care of repairs – hey remember when I crossed ‘fixing the wall’ off my list? I totally lied.
  • Clean office area and related closets
  • Vacuum, dust
  • Declutter files – I did this last week so I could put stuff in my new Liberty of London file box
  • Tackle the cord octopus – maybe next week
  • Try a one-day media fast – this is definitely doable remotely…
  • Buy fresh flowers – nope
  • Choose at least one soft or hard thing to add or subtract from apartment – meh
  • Cook three meals at home this week – nope
  • Eat at home Sunday through Thursday – nope
  • Get to bed early and read before sleep – does it count if I spend the entire day reading?

If I wasn’t already half-assing the cure, now I’m thinking about how awesome it will be to move in to my new place. :) Adios!