Apartment Therapy Week 4 – Retail Therapy

April 5, 2010

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daisyWhat was that? Retail therapy? Yes, please!  So today is the start of week four of the spring cure, and we’re almost half way! The kitchen and entryway are done, and now it’s on to the living room… so yeah, another week with not much to do. Loving the cure this time around, maybe I should have picked the “one room” option.

Week 4 To Do List:

  • Clean up living room and related closets – closets? I wish!
  • Declutter books and all media – did in 2007, and have since only added a lovely stack of travel guides. :)
  • Cancel 75% of the catalogs you receive – I think the only catalogs I get are J.Crew and the occasional Crate & Barrel…
  • Empty Outbox this week
  • Confirm what you need to increase or decrease color in each room
  • Identify what you need to increase or decrease softness in each room – bunnies?
  • Cook three meals at home this week – does breakfast count?
  • Send out your invitations

What I need to + / – on the color and softness scales in each room…

Area: color – to add (subtract)
Hallway/Entry:  warm – nope
Kitchen: warm – hang orange pan on wall?
Dining room: warm – make space for my “office” stuff, possibly get a desk
Living room: warm/cool – already perfect!
Bathroom: cool/warm – change the framed artwork
Bedroom: cool – remove red pillows

Week 4 is even easier than week 3. Oh and I bought a super bright Gerbera daisy this weekend. I think it might need a Liberty of London planter to go in… hmmm….