#6: Update My Personal Resume/Portfolio .com Site

April 29, 2009

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elegance_blogger_themeIt had been a few years since I updated my portfolio/resume website.  I had let the hosting expire, only keeping the domain.  So I’ve now changed the DNS and pointed it at a blogger site to keep things simple (and cheaper).  Most of the free templates were either too simple, but not clean design or really detailed.  I finally found a free Blogger template that was customizable enough for my liking: Elegance.  The logo in the header template is a png file, so while it doesn’t include a .psd file to edit, it was pretty easy to figure out what font and gradients they used.

twitterrssAnd I finally got a chance to use the sweet as Practika icon set that I’ve been eyeing for awhile.  The Twitter icon is so adorable, I just want to hug it.

  • lb
    October 31, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    The practica Icon list is awesome i have been using it for a while