A Little Bit of Hollywood in Brasov, Romania

August 12, 2008

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brasov-hollywood-signWe took the train to Brasov this morning. After a tour of the Black Church, the largest Gothic church in Eastern Europe, we walked through town to the “Skinniest Street in Eastern Europe”, and then walked to the cable car to visit the other thing Brasov is well-known for. A quick lesson in politics. How do you get people to vote for you? Well, in Brasov, the politician said, “Vote for me and I’ll build a Brasov “Hollywood sign” on the hillside”. So, the people voted for him and he built a very large, tacky looking Hollywood sign. Quite simple, really. ;) Oh and in other news, a local was eaten by a bear last week. So we took the cable car instead of hiking. After dragging a bit more of the story out of our guide, he said it was a homeless person who was sleeping on a bench in the woods, and he probably smelled like food. Note to self: don’t sleep on a bench in the woods in bear country.

  • Tabitha
    August 25, 2009 at 10:08 am

    I’ve been to Brasov but I didn’t remember seeing the Hollywood-esque sign! But, coincidentally, there is ANOTHER city in Romania with a sign just like that: Deva. :)