Sweet As! Spa Day!

April 30, 2008

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This morning we walked back to the spa park to swim in the river. It was rather murky and really warm. I ventured closer to the river where it was practically freezing, and then decided to stick to the mud area. A very fun morning! Everyone was going skydiving before we left for Rotorua. (Our Stray passes didn’t cover Rotorua, so we bought $13 tickets on instead.) Their dive ended up being canceled because of the weather, so we headed to Rotorua. Us girls got off the bus in Rotorua and Ireland continued on to Auckland. After checking in to possibly the nicest hostel in New Zealand, Treks, we decided to check out the Polynesian Spa. We grabbed our swim stuff and headed in to town. It was $20, but ended up being really fun. Each of the pools vary in 1 to 2 degrees, so if you travel in one direction, it just gets hotter and hotter, until you circle around to the first pool. It was overrun with Japanese and Chinese tour buses, but after an hour it cleared out a bit. It was fun checking out a natural spring spa and then the geo-thermal commercial spa, all in the same day.