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67 Best Meals from Traveling 23 Countries: World’s Best Food!

November 11, 2011

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Trying new food is one of my favorite things about traveling. The world’s best food is literally all around the world! It’s incredibly exciting to me to try something new, or something familiar with a different spin. I’m also a Pescatarian, so I’ve found that food + traveling brings both challenging and amazing experiences. I’ve never felt like too much of an outsider on the food scene. I love the mix of traveling and food and seeing how some cultures value and use different ingredients.

I sometimes [to the confusing shock of my travel companions] like to try random dishes that are new to me… like deep fried tarantulas in Cambodia or bacon-wrapped dates here in Portland at Toro Bravo. While my main diet is Pescatarian, you only live once, so what’s the worst that could happen? Here are are 23 countries worth of memorable food from my round the world trip and travels in general. Pretend you’re your own Anthony Bourdain No Reservations, and let’s dig in!

world's best food
Some of the World’s Best Food!

World’s Best Food & Meals:

  1. croissants in Paris
  2. poke in Hawaii
  3. accidentally buying hard. as. a. rock. bread in Marseilles because I couldn’t interpret that “I’m knocking on wood because this bread is sooo hard, you dumb student” from the grocer
  4. being introduced to Moroccan food in Marseilles
  5. realizing that British food isn’t completely terrible
  6. OMG the guacamole in Mexico
  7. restaurants serving shrink-wrapped cups and plates in China
  8. 40s of beer on the table with dinner in Beijing
  9. stuffing my face with street food (the sweet rice pockets one was my favorite) in Xi’an
  10. accidentally putting chili sauce all over my noodles (I ended up just going hungry after a few painful bites) on the overnight train to Xi’an
  11. staying up almost all night drinking the sake sea-sick friends abandoned on the ferry from Shanghai to Osaka
  12. my first sushi lunch after landing in Osaka
  13. Buddhist vegetarian meal at the Ryokan in Japan
  14. vending machines with cold and hot drinks where a savior in freezing February in Japan
  15. udon in Koyasan
  16. flat whites in Australia
  17. craving Mexican food in Australia and realizing it was a hopeless case
  18. Beez Neez beer in Sydney
  19. microbrews in New Zealand and feeling like I was back in Oregon
  20. meusli aka granola in NZ
  21. any random rice or noodle dish in Thailand
  22. pad thai in Bangkok
  23. unlimited variations of amazing Indian food in Malaysia
  24. eating in air conditioned food courts for “cheap” in Singapore
  25. spending waaay too much on drinks in Singapore after being in Thailand and then Malaysia
  26. Hot pot in Malaysia
  27. salad rolls in Vietnam
  28. eating a whole fried/stuffed (I have no idea really what it was, but it tasted good) fish in Vietnam
  29. discovering fish amok in Siem Riep, Cambodia
  30. trying a deep-fried tarantula in Phnom Penh
  31. bring home tasty candy from China and finding out there was a recall issued in China [thanks sis! :( ]
  32. cold, cherry soup in Hungary
  33. eating potatoes, cheese, potatoes, cheese and then more potatoes (and occasionally some fish) and more cheese in Romania and Hungary
  34. my first ‘real’ Turkish coffee in Istanbul
  35. hello olive oil in everything in Turkey
  36. sampling unlimited Lokum (turkish delight) at the Spice Market in Istanbul
  37. drinking tourist tea (apple) and regular tea everywhere you go in Turkey
  38. the thin crepe-like dish in Gorem that I obviously forgot the name of, but was amazing (anyone?)
  39. mezze plates in Turkey
  40. fish dishes anywhere near the Mediterranean in Turkey
  41. Halva for breakfast in Turkey
  42. lentil soup and bread for a super cheap and satisfying dinner
  43. witnessing the evening dinner feast of Ramadan in Turkey (also the memorable “wake up drummer” that walks about to wake people before daylight so that they can eat before it’s time to fast again)
  44. souvlaki in Naxos, Greece
  45. breakfasts of Greek yogurt with honey and macadamia nuts
  46. cheap lunch of gyros in Syros
  47. white wine on Santorini
  48. champagne on a sailboat in Greece next to our new Russian mega-yacht friends
  49. daily gelato at a bargain price in the Cyclades, Greece
  50. feta everywhere in Greece
  51. fish tacos and cervesa on the beach in Mexico
  52. Spanish tortilla in Madrid
  53. tiny tiny beers in Barcelona (seriously, the smallest beers you can order in the world are in Spain)
  54. house wine in Spain
  55. tagine and couscous in Morocco
  56. learning to pour the addictive mint tea in Morocco
  57. eating banana nutella crepes in Essaouira
  58. rice and beans and more rice and beans in Costa Rica
  59. plantains in Central America
  60. tons of amazing fruits,  that I don’t remember and could never hope to pronounce in Central America & Asia (guanabana?)
  61. skyr in Iceland
  62. puffin tapas in Iceland
  63. hotdog from the Bæjarins beztu stand in Reykjavik (shhh… don’t tell)
  64. butter fish on Maui – it’s like buttah
  65. Po-boys in NOLA
  66. 7Days brand ‘Bake Rolls’ in Turkey
  67. weird potato chip flavors in China
  68. potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chili sauce in New Zealand
  69. pastel de nata (a custard tart pastry) in Portugal
  70. chocolate con churros in Barcelona
  71. paella in Valencia, Spain

What’s one of your favorite foods or meals you discovered while traveling?