Bike a Bee {Week 2}

January 14, 2012

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bike-a-bee-290x290I stumbled (really wanted to say bumbled just now) across the Bike-a-Bee campaign on Kickstarter this week. I felt an instant connection with this project since my dad was a bee keeper, and from an early age, I’ve been fascinated by bees. It was equal parts magical and educational to watch the bees work, and have them as a little piece of our lives. And having an endless supply of honey was nice too. :)

So Week 2 of the Forkover Friday project is all about the bikes and bees.

I chose to work with urban farms and gardens over private backyards because these spaces offered the greatest benefit to the largest amount of plants and people. The hives will serve as educational tools while the bees act as the garden’s resident pollinators. Hive hosts will also benefit, as they’ll receive a share of the honey harvest to keep, give to friends, or add to their CSA shares. —Jana Kinsman


What they do: Working to build a bee community in urban spaces, farms, and gardens with a bike trailer system — promoting sustainability and urban agriculture.

How we can help:

Who it helps: urban agriculture
What non-profit or company: Bike-a-Bee
Where: Chicago, Illinois
Why: bees!

Want to participate in Forkover Friday?

Match my donation of $12 this week to Bike-a-Bee or pick your own cause and leave a comment below if you feel like sharing!