Eating Potatoes Until The Cows Come Home

August 7, 2008

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viscri-cart-horse2I woke up at 4:30 this morning! After a quick breakfast of coffee and chocolate cake (I could get used to that, the cake, not the waking up!), we drove to the train station. It’s amazing that the old women are already out on the benches chatting at 5am! After six hours on the train, and then an hour bus ride, we finally arrived in Viscri. This town is really neat. There are just a few gravel streets and traditional houses, and it’s known for it ancient fortified church.  As we get farther south, the people are getting darker. There are more Roma people in this area (they are kind of like gypsies).  This afternoon we checked out the fortified church. Oh and the Prince of Wales owns a home here. Quite strange.

We ate dinner outside tonight. I’m officially tired of potatoes. How can this be? I love potatoes! Ha! Soup, meat, and potatoes are quite the standard diet here. We tried the local schnapps for dessert and it tasted just like cough syrup. Rather strong. It’s funny how each region and town seems to have their own unique beverage. After dinner we waited for the cows to come. Seriously, they come home at 8:30 every night. They walk as a herd down the main street and each cow and horse walks in the gate of their respective homes. It’s genius really. OK, so there were a few stragglers, but not many. Most of them were verywell behaved and I took lots of pictures of them. And one of the local farmers offered to take my picture with his horse. I was quite pleased!