I’ve Got A Golden Ticket

January 8, 2012

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Things that feel amazing: clicking the “Buy now” button on a flight. Even if you’ve had a trip partially planned already, clicking “purchase” makes it official — you’re going somewhere, it’s a done deal. At which point you can yell “I’m going to [insert destination]!!!” (Some of us don’t stop yelling this every few hours for about a week)

So four days into 2012, I clicked the fateful “buy” button on a ticket to Hawaii for March! It feels good to be crossing a travel goal off my 2012 Goals list already, and I’m excited to be making my goal of working remotely for 1-3 months actually happen. What else is on my travel list this year?

2012 Travel Goals:

  1. Work remotely (not in Portland) for 1-3 months
  2. Sublet/Airbnb my condo for 1-2 months (see above goal)
  3. Try kiteboarding in Hawaii
  4. Apply to at least one new credit card for airline miles
  5. Travel to South America (Chile please!) or Portugal for 2+ weeks
  6. Visit a new island in the Caribbean
  7. Try couchsurfing
  8. Visit NYC, San Francisco, Boston or Savannah (essentially: another US city that I haven’t been to)
  9. Be a traveler at home: attend 12 new Portland things
  10. Go on a quarterly getaway trip with boyfriend (overnight or weekend trip in Oregon/Northwest etc)
  11. Take a “spontaneous” same-day trip (using HotelTonight etc)
  12. Take a digital sabbatical (no social media/email) while on a trip

What’s on your 2012 travel list?
Next up on my list, I need to sublet my condo in Portland for the month. So if you know of anyone who wants to see what it’s like to be a Portlander for a month (albeit not our best month weather-wise, but I still love my city!) in a cute little condo overlooking the river and on the Streetcar line, send them my way please!

Meanwhile, I’ll be hiking the Stairway to Heaven on Oahu. :)