Kaikoura to Abel Tasman

April 9, 2008

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This morning I woke up early, grabbed a coffee, muffin and orange, and walked down to the beach. It was great. Sometimes I’m shocked at how amazing it is to have total silence, with no people in sight. I so love my morning time (especially now that I’m back in an area with nature and a very low population). I decided to only spend one night in Kaikoura and hopped back on the bus this morning. Traveling this way is so relaxing, I love it! It’s what I would do if I had a car. No planning, just deciding to stay or go to the next town. We stopped at a seal colony on the way to Picton. All these baby seals live up a creek, across the road  from the ocean. The trail leads to a waterfall where baby seals are splashing all around. I’ve never seen so many seal pups in one place! I switched buses in Picton, heading toward Abel Tasman National Park. We stopped at a supermarket this afternoon, and I stocked up on food. This is the first country that I’m actually carrying food around with me. I bought breakfast food, snacks and fruit. This way I don’t have to go out to eat as much, and it’s way cheaper too. The bus drops off at Old MacDonald’s farm, so I decided to just stay there. They have little cabins to stay in for about $20 NZD.