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Karaoke + Dishcrawl + Hopworks: Weekly Love

August 31, 2011

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Happy almost 3-day weekend!

This week:

– Now that I’m an expert at laying about in an inner tube on the river, I decided to write a post about my new favorite past-time — tubing in Portland with the best float options in town. :)

– Finally went up to check out the new Hopworks BikeBar on N Williams last weekend. I love the outdoor seating options out front so you can watch the world go by. And of course a visit within 2 blocks of Pix Patisserie requires a stop-in for a lemon tart. Nom.

– I also went to karaoke for the first time in Portland (I’d only ever been while traveling), at Voicebox. Watching other people sing is great entertainment, but yes, I did join in a few times (just not solo, because I’m ‘fraid!). Boyfriend also sang me a Guns N’ Roses song. Yep, I liked it. I shall now refer to him as Mr Patience. And if you’re into sake, Voicebox also has awesome options.

– I managed to snag a ticket to the Portland launch of dishcrawl on Twitter last weekend from Molly, and had a great time meeting more Portland foodies and trying out four new places in town.

– Listening: The Raveonettes keep popping up on one of my Pandora stations, which means I need to stop ‘thumbs up’-ing them. I know, I know, their new album has been out for a while now. Anyway, I’m really liking Ignite.

What are you up to this week?