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My Love-Hate-Love Relationship With My iPhone

November 23, 2011

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Prompt #22: Where would today’s travelers be without smartphones, GPS, iPods, iPads, or even the internet? Share one item of tech you can’t live without or tell us how has technology changed the way you travel.

“Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.” –Steve Jobs

No surprises here, my must-have piece of technology is my iPhone. When I did my career break, I was sans-phone. It’s a completely different travel world now…

The upside? I get to use my map for directions, taking awesome pics, having location tags on my pics, checking in on Foursquare so I remember where I went, fiddling with Instagram, staying crazy pants organized with apps like TripIt, and checkin to flights all from my lovely little iPhone.

The downside? I’m tweeting, taking pictures, letting my curiosity get the best of me and checking work email, looking things up on my phone instead of asking a local a question, or generally staring at my obnoxious little iPhone.

What’s your must-have gadget?

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