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My First Gardening Purchases

April 9, 2009

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Last week, I had a guest post by my favorite gardener and partner in crime, thesoybean. We’ve decided to create a weekly or biweekly guest post. And so, I present you with Gardening With the Soybean, in which my lovely twin documents her Portland gardening escapades.


I was getting pretty antsy about starting my garden so we went to Drake’s 7 Dees this weekend. I always prefer a local garden center over the facelessness of Home Depot or Lowes and today I wasn’t disappointed! There are real people walking around, ready to answer questions and help.

I brought my BHG garden plans with me, so I showed a Drake’s employee. She was quite excited and after a few minutes there was a small crowd gathered around to help! Apparently one was the “orderer” so he had all the dates the various plants would come in. They thought it was a little early for my Mailbox Garden and suggested I start with the planter box Easy-Care Cottage Garden and wait to tackle the Mailbox Garden in late April or early May.

The Osteospermum caught my eye right away – there was a ton of variety and they all looked pretty healthy (not that I’d know how to spot an unhealthy plant). There were some interesting textured ones with twirled up petals, but I settled on the classic shape in a light purple shade and orange. I was researching color combinations when I got home and found this awesome photo from the Garden Wise Guy – Mexican Evening Primrose and dark purple Osteospermums. Oh well, I already committed to my Osteospermums and Nasturtiums!

New Inspiration

My total purchase was three 4-inch Osteospermum plants, a packet of red and orange Nasturtium seeds and a packet of Morning Glory seeds (that I may use in the side yard).

The Osteospermums are already in the ground! When we got home I tilled up the flowerbed and added some leftover soil from last year’s veggie garden. They look really tiny all alone in that big planter box. I hope they fill out. And it’s still too cold to start the Nasturtium seeds, so I think I’ll wait until after vacation. The only other things in that flower bed are tulips – I hope they don’t bloom while I’m in Mexico.

In all, a good start.