One Night In Bangkok

May 6, 2008

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After over 24 hours of traveling, the last thing I wanted to do today was to hit all the tourist sites. Instead, I walked to Khao San Rd, (and yes, it’s every bit the hippy backpacker ghetto that I imagined). So far, Bangkok just seems like any other massive city in Asia… dirty, crowded and busy. I bought the Lonely Planet SE Asia on a Shoestring guide book, got some pad thai for lunch, and then went to a salon. I got a manicure and pedicure for 180 baht ($6) and then an hour Thai massage for 200 baht, before walking back out to the sweltering heat. After a day of relaxing, I met up with the group for the overnight train to Surat Thani. I went to KFC at the train station, (I know, I never go there at home, but they had salad and mashed potatoes). Thailand trains are way nicer than the China train! The bunks fold down over the seating area, so it’s only 2 bunks high, and you have a curtain! After arriving in Surat Thani, we bused several hours down to Krabi. We finally arrived in Krabi around noon. We’re staying in Ao Nan beach area. I grabbed a wrap at a restaurant down the street, before meeting the truck for rock climbing. Three of us decided to do the 1/2 day climb, and it was so much fun. I officially love climbing! It looked a little scary, but you’re wearing a harness, and Krabi is a really popular climbing destination, so it actually felt really safe. The guides were pretty funny too. After our boat got back from climbing, we went next door to the, you guessed it “Thai restaurant”. ;)