Ko Phi Phi and Monkeys

May 8, 2008

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It’s so nice being out of Bangkok and out on the beach. Today we took a day trip out to Ko Phi Phi. We boated out to several islands, and swam, snorkeled, and laid out. Then we went into an inlet area with sheer rock face cliffs and blue, shallow water. It was really gorgeous. We got out of the boat to swim a little and there was even a rope swing! Then, we stopped at a cliff area, where all of these monkeys live. I had never seen a monkey, other than the zoo. They’re kind of crazy though. They have really unpredictable movements, so they’re kind of unnerving.

We stopped for lunch on Ko Phi Phi Don, the main island, before stopping at one more beach to swim. It started to rain while we were there and after waiting out part of the downpour, we headed back to Ao Nang. It rained the rest of the way back. A big storm is definitely rolling in. After getting back in town, it stopped raining, until we headed out to the waterfront for dinner. By the time we arrived, we were “wring out your clothes” soaked. So we ate dinner, dripping wet. After dinner, we went and got massages. I could get used to this. I don’t think I’ll be able to pay American prices for massages ever again. On the way home, I found some of the super comfy Thai fisherman pants, like the kind that I wore at my massage.