Stewart Island to Dunedin

April 19, 2008

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I overslept this morning. After washing my face (it’s too cold to shower anyway), I grabbed by gear and hurried to the ferry terminal. The ferry didn’t leave for 30 more minutes, and the ride back to Bluff was pretty mellow. I drank coffee, listened to my iPod and stared out at the waves. After picking up some people in Invercargill we took the scenic route through the Catlins to Dunedin. It was pissing down rain most of the day, but we still got out at all of the stops. We arrived in Dunedin around 6pm, and after eating in the hotel kitchen, we checked out the town. Dunedin is a college town (4th largest city in NZ, I believe) on the south coast. So they had a really cool downtown area, very college townish, with several pubs and cafes playing live music. This doesn’t sound that different than an average town on a Saturday night, but after traveling through towns with a population of 200, it’s fun to see a little city now and then.

The next morning, I headed back to the octagon district to look for breakfast. I ended up going to a snobby little cafe called Mash, where I had the best cappuccino I’d had in ages, and french toast with bananas on top and two eggs. The servers all had major attitudes, but it just made me laugh, very Parisian of them. One of the best breakfasts that I’ve had in NZ.

Back to Queenstown…