#26: Be A Portland Tourist

July 14, 2008

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After traveling for four months, it’s hard not to approach your home town with more curiosity. After hitting all my favorite restaurants that I’d been missing (Chipotle and Ya Hala), I’ve checked out a few restaurants that remind me of my travels, Malay Satay Hut (Malaysian food) and this little vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant on Powell.

Another interesting experience was taking the bus and Amtrak to Albany to get out to the Oregon Coast. I always use public transport in other countries. It’s quite a different experience here in America though. What must foreign travelers to America think as they’re surrounded by meth heads on the public bus? They’re probably wondering where all the normal people are. :)  OK, the train was just fine, it was just riding the #9 TriMet bus down Powell, that I started reconsidering my public transport idea.