#47: Do A Bike Ride In Another Country

September 2, 2008

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When plans to go hiking in Sakilent Gorge near Fethiye, Turkey didn’t work out, the son of the pension owner offered to take us on a bike ride to the beach. It sounded like an easy ride, but after zooming down the most massive winding hills with beautiful views of the Mediterranean the realization that we had to come back up this same road to get back started to set in. So after a few hours of swimming and relaxing, we started the ascent to Kayakoy, the most intense workout of all time! And I was cursing my bike because the middle gear was broken! When some British guys drove past and yelled “Nice legs!” I mustered enough energy to yell back “I know!” ;) And after a few water stops and one fruit stand stop for figs, we finally made it back to the pension. The good thing about amazing workouts is that they deserve shandies and massive dinners.