The Sting – #52: Watch the Top 100 Grossing Films

September 1, 2007

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The Sting was really fun. No wonder it was one of the Top 100! A young Robert Redford makes a great con man. What made me laugh during this movie was how easy it was to con people before technology, Internet, cell phones etc. The availability of open/free information just evens the playing field of knowledge. (Reminds me of the real estate agent chapter of Freakonomics). Anyway, this movie was definitely fun to watch. Oh, side note that I’m very curious about: What year did the “N word” move from general description to taboo? They used it at least twice in this film, it was very odd. It’s amazing how films essentially take a snap-shot of culture/attitudes of how it was at a specific time – without even specifically trying to.