BOY: the American release! Kickstarter {Week 8}

February 24, 2012

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New Zealand is one of my favorite places in the world. So when I came across this Kickstarter campaign this week for the American release of the movie BOY, I signed right on up. :) Now if only they were coming to Portland. Foolishness!

So Week 8 of the Forkover Friday project is all about New Zealand film.

“Inspired by his Oscar-nominated short, Taika Waititi offers a charming, funny, and wild coming-of-age story where everybody has some coming of age to do. Never short on laughs, Waititi’s story is ultimately about three boys (one grown) reconciling fantasy with reality.” —Sundance


What they do: it’s a movie.

How we can help:

Who it helps: aaaaaart
What non-profit or company: Taika Waititi’s film BOY
Where: New York + New Zealand

Want to participate in Forkover Friday?

Match my donation of $12 this week to BOY or pick your own cause and leave a comment below if you feel like sharing!