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10 Best Breweries in Bend, Oregon + A Central Oregon Beer Map

October 20, 2022

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Bend, Oregon has 30 breweries now. And with 40+ total breweries in the greater Central Oregon area – including Sisters, Redmond, Prineville, and Sunriver – checking them all off your list is quite a task! So move over Portland – Oregon’s biggest beer city is now Bend. With more breweries per capita now than almost any other city in North America. So whether you have time for just the best breweries in Bend or ALL the breweries in Central Oregon – here’s the full list of breweries in Bend, Oregon. Plus a few of my favorites.

beerstagram at 10 Barrel
10 Barrel Beer-gramming

Our Favorite Bend Breweries

First up, my favorite Bend Breweries. If you’re short on time, just go to the closest brewery on your map. You really can’t go wrong. But as a totally biased list of favorites, here’s my top 10.

1. Crux Brewing

Crux is a Bend favorite for several reasons. First, their beer is just the best of the best. But also, their location and large grassy lawn for spreading out in the summer, food trucks, and epic sunset views of the mountains. Crux is always a happening place.

Crux Fermentation Project

2. Bevel Brewing

Bevel is all about that IPA. While their location is tucked in a more commercial area, they have a great patio with food trucks, picnic tables, and even a small disc golf course out back. And poke bowls from Aina Hawaii are a great beer pairing. Don’t even bother asking them if they have anything lighter! ;) Sometimes the answer is “yes”, sometimes it’s “no!”.

IPA with a side of poke bowl at Bevel Brewering on Bend East side
Bevel Brewing IPA and Aina Kauai poke bowl

Bevel Craft Brewing

3. Deschutes Brewery

You can’t visit Bend without visiting the brewery that started it all – Deschutes Brewing. Whether you visit the Bend Tasting Room and Brewery or the Bend Public house, Deschutes is a classic Bend spot. Great food. Great beer.

Deschutes Brewery

4. Bend Brewing Co

Bend Brewing now has one of the best outdoor brewery spaces in Bend. With picnic tables and large shady trees overlooking Drake Park, this makes a great family-friendly brewery stop. Bend Brewing Co is Bend’s 2nd oldest brewery (after Deschutes, of course)! And yes, they brew great beer too! :)

Bend Brewing Co lawn - the 2nd brewery in Bend Oregon!
Bend Brewing outdoor area

Bend Brewing Company

5. The Ale Apothecary

This is one of Bend’s small batch breweries. The call themselves a “vintage batch oak barrel brewery.” Another way of saying they specialize in natural barrel-aged beers and wild ales. Even if that isn’t your typical go-to beer style (yes, I’m one of those boring IPA folks), The Ale Apothecary should be on your list of must-visit breweries in Bend. They’re friendly people, truly interesting beers, and just nice to see someone doing something different in the Oregon beer scene. Note: their brewery off Skyliners is no longer open to the public, but they have a tasting room on Century Drive by Goodlife & Prost.

The Ale Apothecary

6. 10 Barrel Brewing

10 Barrel is no long the new kid on the block and is one of the biggest production breweries in Bend now. But don’t write them off as sell-outs, they still make solid beers and their brew pubs churn out great food. They currently have the original 10 Barrel West Side location and a newer 10 Barrel East Side Pub as well.

10 Barrel Brewing Co

7. Monkless Belgian Ales

Monkless is not the typical brewery you would expect in Bend, Oregon. Their location is fantastic overlooking the Deschutes and Old Mill District. It’s nice to have a spot for Belgian beers, when you’re in the IPA-heavy PNW. Monkless brews great beer, serves up delicious food, and the views are on point.

views from Monkless Belgian -a fav Bend brewery
Views from Monkless Belgian Ales

Monkless Belgian Ales

8. Silver Moon Brewing

Silver Moon is Bend’s third oldest brewery. That should count for something. They consistently produce award winning beers. And their location still has that chill old Bend vibe. And they help make Mondays more bearable with $3 pints. Their outdoor area also serves as a concert venue and has food trucks.

Silver Moon Brewing

9. Boss Rambler Beer Club

Boss Rambler is a newer addition to the Galveston Ave breweries. Opened in 2019, Boss Rambler is one of those almost too cool for school spots. You’ll wonder what it is when you first go by – plant shop? coffee shop? (and yes, they do serve coffee in the am!) If their beer wasn’t also delicious, I’d just say they were built as an Instagram backdrop. So if you feel like a dose of bright and California cool, check out Boss Rambler and their hazy IPAs or boozy slushies.

Boss Rambler Beer Club

10. Funky Fauna Artisanal Ales

This brewery is in Sisters, Oregon. One of Central Oregon’s newest small craft breweries, Funky Fauna is a small little shop across the street from the Three Creeks production facility. They brew wild ales with low ABV.

Funky Fauna Sisters brewery
Funky Fauna Artisan Ales in Sisters, Oregon

Funky Fauna Artisanal Ales

So there are a few of my Central Oregon favorites! It’s hard to choose from 31 local breweries (not counting multiple locations). So check out the full list and brewery map below and find your favorites!

Bend Breweries List

Here’s the full list of breweries in Bend and Sunriver, Oregon. Jump below for the Redmond, Sisters, and Prineville lists and a map.

  1. 10 Barrel Brewing West Side Bend
  2. 10 Barrel Brewing East Side Bend
  3. Bend Brewing Company
  4. Bevel Craft Brewing
  5. Boneyard Beer
  6. Boneyard Pub
  7. Boss Rambler Beer Club
  8. Bridge 99 Brewery
  9. Cascade Lakes Brewpub
  10. Craft Kitchen & Brewery
  11. Crux Fermentation Project
  12. Deschutes Brewery Bend Public House
  13. Deschutes Brewery Tasting Room
  14. GoodLife Brewing Company
  15. Immersion Brewing
  16. Kobold Brewing The Lair
  17. McMenamins Pub at Old St. Francis School
  18. Monkless Belgian Ales
  19. Oblivion Brewing Co.
  20. Silver Moon Brewing
  21. Spider City Brewing Company
  22. Spider City Brewing Downtown Tasting Room
  23. Sunriver Brewing Co. – Galveston Pub
  24. Sunriver Brewing Co. – Eastside Pub
  25. Sunriver Brewing Co. – Sunriver Pub
  26. The Ale Apothecary
  27. The Cellar – A Porter Brewing Company
  28. Van Henion Brewing Company
  29. Worthy Brewing Company
  30. Worthy Brewing Beers & Burgers

Redmond Breweries

  1. Cascade Lakes at 7th St – Redmond
  2. Initiative Brewing – Redmond
  3. Kobold Brewing The Vault – Redmond
  4. Porter Brewing Co. – Redmond
  5. Wild Ride Brewing – Redmond
  6. Madras Brewing – Madras

Sisters Breweries

  1. Funky Fauna Artisan Ales – Sisters
  2. Three Creeks Brewing Company – Sisters
  3. Three Creeks Brewing Tasting Room and Landing Zone – Sisters

Prineville Breweries

  1. Crooked Roots Brewing – Prineville
  2. Wild Ride Brewing – Prineville
  3. Ochoco Brewing Company – Prineville

Bend Oregon Brewery Map

Bend Ale Trail

The Bend Ale Trail project (which also includes the broader Central Oregon area) was created by Visit Bend. It’s a fun way to track your progress of visiting local breweries. But pleases note, they don’t include all the breweries in Central Oregon, as it used to be a “pay to play” campaign, and so some smaller breweries weren’t included. It’s now free for breweries to be included, so the next update of the Ale Trail will likely be more inclusive of smaller breweries as well.

The month of November is “Bend Ale Trail Month” and Visit Bend has special events and prizes for completing the ale trail.

Enjoy your Bend beer! Looking for more beer posts? Check out my Portland breweries map, and Beer Events by Month.

Breweries in Bend Oregon - full list and map