Lululemon SeaWheeze Shorts – A Look at 9 Years of “Free” Race Perks!

June 20, 2020

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One of my favorite things about running the Lululemon SeaWheeze race is that you get shorts as part of your race entry. So no they’re not “free”, but it’s so much cooler than getting a race tee. Sign me up! Here’s a look at the Lululemon SeaWheeze shorts design over the years.

My first SeaWheeze half marathon was in 2013. It was the second year of SeaWheeze (inaugural race was 2012). And I was so excited that I got a pair of special edition shorts as part of the race! I’ve run the SeaWheeze three times, and can’t wait to run again!

SeaWheeze Shorts Over the Last 9 Years:

2020 SeaWheeze Shorts (race was COVID Canceled)

My plan for 2020 was to go with my twin sister. It was going to be our first girls trip, since… at least 2013 when my sister had her first kiddo. We both applied, she got in and I didn’t. Boo hoo! My plan was to meet her there anyway and play, but it was canceled because of COVID. She got the 2020 shorts though, in the Hotty Hot style. These ones remind me more of a cross between the 2018 short liner and the 2014 shorts. I’m a fan!

2019 SeaWheeze Shorts

I planned to run the 2019 SeaWheeze with my sister, but then she had a newborn so it was a no-go. Thankfully, I missed out on the ugliest year of shorts. I realize it’s someone’s job to design the shorts every year. And you can’t make everyone happy, but yeesh, not digging this style. These will probably be on Poshmark for many years to come. ;P

2018 SeaWheeze Shorts

Seawheeze shorts 2018

After a three year break (2015 – wedding, 2016 – life, 2017 – pregnant), I signed up for the SeaWheeze again. I ordered the Tracker short version this time and it was nice to have a little bit of extra length! I love the design of this year, and the length makes them really nice for hiking too.

2017 SeaWheeze Shorts

I didn’t run the SeaWheeze in 2017, since I was pregnant. I like a year of a more neutral color palette with the greyscale. I’m not a fan of the floral pattern though. This year they had Speeds and Trackers available.

2016 SeaWheeze Shorts

I didn’t run the SeaWheeze in 2016. I love this year of shorts design though. Like tiger stripe motif with blue and green undertones. I would have been really happy about owning these ones. It seems like they tried to go a bit more neutral to make up for last year’s wild colors.

2015 SeaWheeze Shorts

I thought about running the SeaWheeze in 2015, but I was getting married and traveling and life was busy, so I didn’t want to add in training for a half that summer! The design is pretty random for this year. Balls? circles? beatles? I like that they’re colorful, but not my fav.

2014 SeaWheeze Shorts

My second SeaWheeze year! The 3D shorts. I again ordered the Speed Short option versus the slightly longer shorts. These were my new favorites as I loved the wild design.

2013 SeaWheeze Shorts

2013 Lululemon SeaWheeze Shorts

This was my first SeaWheeze. I ordered the Speed Short option. The swag bag also came with a pouch and little race training booklet.

2012 SeaWheeze Shorts – The First Shorts!

I didn’t hear about the SeaWheeze until the following year (2013), but I remember seeing these one when I was wondering what the next year’s shorts would look like. They’re a little too cutesy for my style. But hey, it was the first race year and included in your race packet.

And that’s a look at all the years of SeaWheeze shorts. Hopefully, 2021 will bring a real half marathon event and more awesome shorts.

What’s your favorite year of SeaWheeze shorts?