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What Makes Me Happy?

January 31, 2010

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question-mark-signIt’s time for another round of Answer Me This! — in which we discover hilarious (ok, sometimes sad) keyword searches that people have searched for and unwittingly arrived at my blog. Interestingly enough, a lot of people are wondering “What makes me happy?” these days. An excellent question, although I can only tell you what makes me happy — many, many things — but feel free to use them as happiness inspiration.

  • I have a block of tofu, now what? Best question, evah! I like this recipe for Tofu Stir Fry
  • How to make the restaurant guest happy Priceless.
  • Has anyone traveled with there kids to Vietnam Where? Oh, there! No, but I’m sure some have traveled with their kids to Vietnam.
  • Hello Kitty toilet Unfortunately, I have not seen a Hello Kitty toilet, but I’m sure you can find one in Japan — they even have Hello Kitty condoms.
  • Hispanic countries that eat rice and beans Is this a trick question?
  • How to make Germans happy #1. Be on time. #2. Make lists. #3. Don’t make stupid jokes about making Germans happy.
  • How to convince someone to go scuba diving Tell them it’s fun. If fun doesn’t appeal to them, just tell them it will be an adventure. If amazing adventures don’t appeal to them, just tell them to save their money and go snorkeling instead.
  • How to run a crepe business Mmm crepes… I would have hundreds of questions for this one, but I do have mighty fine Nutella & Banana Crepes to share.
  • How to travel to another continent #1 Get a passport. #2 Go by boat or plane.
  • Phoning it in at the gym – I’m glad to see that Jillian Michaels is annoying other people with her overuse of this saying.
  • public transport ikea sunrise Yes, yes, and yes. All things that make me smile.
  • Salvia trellis from IKEA where to buy? I don’t think you need my help with this one. Hint: start with the place after “from” in your search.
  • Should I contribute to my 401k from my bonus? Decidedly so, it lowers your effective tax rate… just do it.
  • things that come from cows I feel like 1st graders are reading my blog.
  • what is the going price for a 48′ long finished shipping container I don’t know, but I’m intrigued!
  • what to eat after 30 day shred workout? lots of food
  • “a canadian” “mark h” spain You’re so vain — Mark H from Canada who was traveling in Spain… you probably think this blog is about you. For the record, I didn’t meet a Mark H from Canada when I was in Spain, probably because he was too busy Googling himself.
  • Expedit bookcase fit taxi singapore Hmmm… if I remember correctly, most of their taxis were Corollas, so I would say yes, but only if they let you fold the seats down. :P
  • A new machine that can shred your own food under 45 or 30 seconds I’m filing a patent for this new blender/shredder machine as I type this.
  • couldn’t finish day 1 level 1 of 30 day shred Sorry, but there’s no excuse for that — try harder!
  • How will i look after 30 day shred Well that depends on a lot of things… what you look like now, what you eat, your body type, how hard you try etc
  • how to pronounce chefchaouen Chef (“a cook”) sh ow (as in “cow”) in.
  • McMenamins ruby’s spa coupons Wait, what? I want! If you find one, do share!
  • Obama having a beer with lunch “before work” Hello there, Republicans. Dad, is that you? I’m loving the quotes around “work”
  • oregan reading progams – Hmm… sounds like we need to start some Oregon spelling programs. (photo by: laurakgibbs)

Any questions?

  • TH
    February 1, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    Oh my God, you mad freak! That’s brilliant!