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52 More New Restaurants: Portland, San Juans & Vancouver, BC

July 17, 2011

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It’s time once again to take a little peek at my Foursquare checkins & Foodspotting pics, as I’ve hit another 50 new places to eat. This time around, Portland had a little competition from the San Juan Islands, Vancouver, and the Oregon coast. So here are the new restaurants, bars, and coffee shops I’ve been to lately…

  1. Arabian Breeze (now Nicholas 2) – so so, Ya Hala is still my favorite
  2. Spella Cafe – Affogato!
  3. Apizza Scholls – doesn’t everyone love Apizza Scholls? I would give it another try, but not a fan of ordering a giant pizza and then discovering I totally misordered, but I’m stuck with a pizza that I don’t like.
  4. Mudai Lounge
  5. St Jack – I’ve been hearing awesome things about St Jack, so we finally headed to brunch there last month, and I was so disappointed! The pain au chocolate from the bakery was great. My omelet, not so much. Only 25% of our brunch party enjoyed it. Sad. I still want to give their dinner menu a try though.
  6. Sip Juicery – love love love. This little juice cart is outside of People’s Co-op and is one of my new favorite places to stop. Chocolate peanut butter. Say no more. The berry ginger is also super tasty.
  7. Green Dragon
  8. Gorditos Mexican, Everett, WA – Yelp fail
  9. Maloulas, Friday Harbor, WA – Yelp fail. Ok, more like Friday Harbor is just expensive. Not that great.
  10. Lime Kiln Cafe, Roche Harbor, WA – brilliant. As I mentioned in my post about biking from Friday Harbor, I hope my recommendation isn’t skewed from riding the 9.5 miles there. :) Yelp, you are redeemed.
  11. Downriggers Restaurant, Friday Harbor, WA – blackened salmon sandwich and sweet potato fries quite tasty after our ride out to Roche Harbor.
  12. World’s Skinniest Latte Shop, Friday Harbor, WA – carrot, apple, ginger juice was tasty
  13. Rocky Bay Cafe, Friday Harbor, WA
  14. Stark Naked Pizza – tasty
  15. The Wrapture (food cart) – meh
  16. Diamond Thai (food cart) – I don’t know about their food, but crazy cheap and refreshing Thai iced tea
  17. Caffe Umbria – it’s like Portland’s Little Italy in one coffee shop
  18. Fifty Licks
  19. Central – this place is almost too cool for school. Our last stop on an impromptu DIY cocktail crawl. Complex, no seriously, cocktails.
  20. Waves Coffee House, Vancouver, BC – good paninis
  21. Uva Wine Bar, Vancouver, BC – I just ordered a beer. (at our Meet, Plan, Go hosts meetup at TBEX)
  22. Guu, Vancouver, BC – I was really excited to try this Izakaya restaurant, but we were short on time and I only ordered one thing. Boo.
  23. Steamworks Brewing Company, Vancouver, BC – not that great. Also, there was a mouse in the bathroom. True story.
  24. Smiley’s Public House, Vancouver, BC – free drink tickets are fine by me, TripAdvisor’s After Party for TBEX.
  25. Giovane Cafe, Vancouver, BC
  26. Japadog, Vancouver, BC – seriously tasty veggie dog!

  27. Thai Pod – zero atmosphere, but my new favorite place when I just want some pad thai
  28. Crow Bar – typical Mississippi Ave dive bar
  29. Manzanita News & Espresso, Manzanita, OR – Manzanita is one of my favorite cities on the Oregon coast.
  30. Delta Cafe – so much good food. I want to go back.
  31. B-Side Tavern
  32. Rontoms – Hey look, I finally went to Rontoms. Hipster.
  33. Gilt Club – Another place I finally went to. We stopped at Gilt for a drink after riding around town one night.
  34. Fruitilandia – smoothies
  35. Cricket Cafe
  36. Irving St Kitchen – awesome happy hour. This one had been on my list to try for a while, and their mac & cheese is delicious.
  37. La Buca
  38. The Slammer Tavern
  39. McMenamin’s Grand Lodge – Perfect weekend getaway from Portland. Disc golf, bocce, Ruby, movie theater, soaking pool etc. Typical McMenamins, a little quirky, some history, lots of fun and easy on the bank account. :)
  40. Hair of the Dog Brewery
  41. Katie O’Brien’s
  42. Foster Burger – I love it that Foster Burger was in Bon Appetit magazine. A had the kiwi burger and a strawberry shake. So filling.
  43. Tiny’s Coffee
  44. The Globe – The Globe is one of my recent favorite happy hours. Caramelized onion & blue cheese pizza for $6!
  45. Water Avenue Coffee
  46. Alder Pastry & Dessert – fairly new place on Burnside. They have gelato too.
  47. Fire on the Mountain
  48. Rotture
  49. Helser’s on Alberta – German pancake. Yum.
  50. Santeria – this place used to be called El Grillo. Even though it’s right between Tugboat Brewing & Bailey’s Taproom, I never really noticed it. Good for late night food. Interestingly, the bathrooms are through the back door — in a strip club (Mary’s Club). Giggle-worthy.
  51. Accanto – They should have named Accanto Genoa Jr. Tasty gnocchi & cheap happy hour menu.
  52. Dante’s – ewww

How it all started: I had a goal to visit one new restaurant a week.
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What new places have you tried lately?

  • Kitty
    July 19, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    and when you are traveling don’t you usually find kittehs not mice?

  • Kitty
    July 19, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    South of Portland in Corvallis you will find some of the tastiest fare anywhere. I particularly love Nearly Normal’s chipotle tacos, and Fireworks’ reuben sandwich, and Big River’s potato leek soup!