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Crafty Wonderland + Girls’ Night at The Barefoot Sage = Weekly Love

December 12, 2011

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Just about two weeks left until Christmas, and I’m feeling like there are a million holiday-ish things I want to do still. So I made a list of options on my phone (make eggnog, craft something, wrap presents, get cool stocking stuffers, bake something etc) that has me feeling much more prepared for the holidays, no matter how quickly it’s going to fly by anyway.

I’m also looking forward to my annual year-end review/planning/goal-setting time. I usually schedule it sometime between Christmas and New Year’s, and it’s such a fun yearly tradition to take a day or so to reflect on all the things I “wanted to do/did/still want to do” and plan for the coming year with a day of Olivia-time.

This week:

Spirit of ’77 Dropped by Spirit of ’77 last weekend for a beer and a snack. Since I’m not sports crazy (wooh! “GO SPORTS!”), Spirit of ’77 is my favorite sports bar in Portland, with a mix of sports, beer and fun. It’s actually fun watching games here. Go figure. And they have free basketball. Gooo sports!!! ;)

The Barefoot Sage Girls night! We took our mom to The Barefoot Sage this week for an early Christmas present. It’d been a couple years since I’d been in, and was just as fun and relaxing as I’d remembered. I generally don’t go to nail salons for mani/pedis, so The Barefoot Sage is a treat for your feet, and really nice to get a foot and leg massage without all the nail polish smells around. So relaxing and fun to sit and chatter on the big couches. A fun splurge.

Crafty Wonderland Crafty Wonderland was this weekend. I had so much fun wandering around looking at hand-made Portland goods and talking with the artists. A December must-see. And here are some of my favorites.

Kitteh Christmas Gifts So I put this hilarious cat teepee on Tumblr earlier this year. Aaand it came up on Fab.com this weekend. Yeah, so Essa has a Christmas present en-route. :)

What are you up to this week?