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Overlook Neighborhood – North Portland City Guide

September 27, 2016

Overlook neighborhood used to embody its name a lot more. These days, however, North Portland‘s Overlook isn’t a secret. Overlook is close to downtown, has plenty of green space and mainly single-family homes.

While Overlook looks like a huge neighborhood – 3.3 square miles 2/3 of that area is industrial. Swan Island was thrown into Overlook, but if you’re thinking of it as just residential/commercial (but not industrial) area. It’s pretty small! Bound by Ainsworth to the north, I5 freeway to the east and the mostly diagonal Greeley Ave to the south and west.

In the last couple years, Overlook neighborhood has seen quite a few new businesses. For example: Eisenhower Bagels, Milk Glass Market, New American, Untapped, Spoke & Vine, Firelight Yoga. And moving businesses – Atomic Pizza moved, Madrona Hill cafe re-opened after a closure, Hop & Vine closed shop and became Backyard Social, Pause was replaced with Patton Maryland.

Many don’t realize Overlook is a neighborhood – beyond Overlook Park. I used to go up to walk Willamette Blvd by the dog bowl, go to Overlook Park, and stop in at The Old Gold a few times since it’d opened in 2011. I knew Adidas and Kaiser were up here, and had taken the MAX so was familiar with Interstate Ave. So not to say I had never been to Overlook before, but living in NE, it wasn’t a regular hangout.

Eat, Drink, Shop, Explore:

  1. The Old Gold – Great happy hour and outdoor seating. They’re known for their whiskey program, but really their food and beer is always great.
  2. Backyard Social – (was Hop & Vine)
  3. Milk Glass Market – one of Portland’s great breakfast spots hiding in a neighborhood.
  4. Spitz (was New American)
  5. Tilt (Swan Island)
  6. Fire on the Mountain
  7. MiHO Izakaya – closed
  8. Satellite Tavern (was Pause)
  9. Atomic Pizza
  10. La Bonita
  11. Mee Dee Thai
  12. Blend Coffee
  13. The Alibi
  14. Advice Booth (was The Lost & Found)
  15. Lucky Lab
  16. Spoke & Vine / Untapped
  17. Madrona Hill Cafe
  18. Eisenhower Bagels – closed
  19. Firelight Yoga

What’s your favorite spot in Overlook, Portland?