30 Before 30

I decided to take a break from the 101 things in 1,001 days list, so this year I’m doing a 30 before thirty list, to be finished June of 2011.

30 Before 30 List

1. Buy a house
2. Visit Iceland
3. Run a half-marathon
4. Attend a cooking class
5. Carve out a stellar mini home office
6. Go raw for 1 week or do a cleanse – started juicing instead.
7. Start strength training
8. Learn to ride my bike outside with my cycling shoes [without falling over] (I bought a city bike instead!)
9. Go to 1 new restaurant (or coffee shop) per week 52 in total
10. Do yoga six days a week for one month
11. Learn the Pincha Mayurasana yoga pose
12. Get an iPhone
13. Go actual backpacking
14. Take a silver jewelry class
15. Road trip Hwy 101 southbound
16. Try a new class that isn’t ‘my style’: belly dancing or zumba>
17. Ask 12 people their favorite book and read it
18. Try kiteboarding (or SUP)
19. Volunteer again
20. Get a car, scooter or new bicycle
21. Visit a spa for a whole day or do a yoga/spa vacay
22. Eat [hyper] local for one week
23. Cook a 5-course meal, have a dinner party
24. Buy awesome matching lingerie
25. Start a grown-up alcohol collection/declare a signature drink
26. Buy a little black dress
27. Visit all 30 breweries in Portland (6 left!)
28. Ask a guy out
29. Visit a new US National Park
30. Go on a group bike ride (Pedalpalooza, but technically just after my birthday!)

After turning 30 in June, I had only completed about 50.5% of the items on my 30 Before 30 list. However, it was still super fun to look back at all the stuff I did manage to accomplish over the last year, like visiting Iceland, buying a house and stand up paddleboarding. On to the next list!


  • I’d like to know how long you spent putting this list together, and when you started doing the items. Think that the idea is pretty cool, life’s passing me by and… I can only look at the list of interesting things (except maybe #24!), so being 30 July, should I look instead to 65 things before 65?

  • I just HAD to comment on this… I came across this list while researching travel with GAP and Intrepid Tours. The reason I was researching these tour companies is because I too have a 30 Things to Do Before I’m 30 list, and travel is on it! I created it about 5 and a half years ago, a bit before my 23 birthday (I am 28 now). My list is to be completed by June of 2012. I just thought it was such a great coincidence, and your list has re-affirmed my commitment to completing my own. :) Keep up the great work!

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